Niagara Compliance Audit Committee

Recent amendments to Municipal Elections Act, 1996 require all municipalities and local boards to establish a Compliance Audit Committee by October 1 of an election year.

In compliance with the Act, the municipalities and school boards of the Niagara Region have cooperatively worked together to establish a Niagara Compliance Audit Committee.

The purpose of the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee is to:

  • Consider whether to grant or reject a compliance audit request made by an elector.
  • Where an audit is granted, appoint an auditor and review the auditor's report.
  • In light of the auditor's report, decide whether legal proceedings shall be commenced.
  • Advise municipal council or school board on the result of a compliance audit request.

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Personal information on this website is collected under the authority of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended and will be used to evaluate the qualifications for appointees to a Compliance Audit Committee to serve municipalities and school boards in the Niagara Region.